How we do Hamilton

Hamilton: an American Musical has hit Philly. But you probably knew that! What you may not have known is that Sojourn Philly offers two ways to keep the fun going – or join in if you haven’t seen the show! Rex 1516 Rex is your home for southern food and hospitality, just off the Avenue […]

Vegan Restaurant Week and Sojourn Philly

Join us for Vegan Restaurant Week at ALL of our restaurants! Philly’s first-ever Vegan Restaurant Week is happening September 16th-22nd, and we are happy to participate with an individual, vegan dish at Cafe Ynez, Rex 1516, and Jet Wine Bar. Proceeds benefit the Peace Advocacy Network. So, what will you find?  Vegan Burrito: sauteed shallots, corn, whole […]

Who Has Philly’s Best Burger?

We Do! Rex 1516 has always had the best burger, IMHO, but now it is official. Congratulations to Rex 1516 Executive Chef Justin Swain, whose kitchen consistently makes a burger that people crave.